Psychology with Soul

Photo: Patti Black

The very first books I wrote were about spirituality.

The very first books I wrote were about spirituality and I’m heading home to write in a new way about how what we learn from science can inform our spirit. For example, did you know that people who believe that personality is fixed are less likely to change or be changed by experience than people who believe that personality is fluid? That means that probably the most important question you need to ask of someone you are committing to is what they think about personality. To my knowledge, no one has ever advised anyone to ask this question which is exactly why you and I both need Psychology with Soul.

This is what I promise about this section: no soft-focus memes about how what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, no helpings of pseudo-Buddhism, and no thoughts on being more mindful. I’m feeling that mindfulness—and what does that really mean, anyway?— has become the little black dress of self-help, especially psychology-based self-help.

We’re going to look at studies, some famous and many not, and see what spiritual lessons and practical advice about living a happier life we can glean from them.